Stone And Tiles For Your Floor

May 27, 2019 Off By Charles Johnson

There are some natural stones which become more elegant with passing years. The natural patina is not detrimental to the beauty of the stones. The cleaning process is also easy and inexpensive. Centuries-old flooring can be restored to the beautiful natural condition. Correct planning and construction can help natural stone structures to stand for centuries.If you love the idea of natural stone tiles on your floor, your choice is great. Natural stone has a beauty of its own and looks almost beautiful in every room. But especially hallway, kitchen and bathroom are perfect for applying stone tiles. There are various stone tiles and it may be tough to choose from. In this article, we are going to help you with this. Here we shall talk about different stones for floor and wall tiles Geelong and their textures to enable you to choose from the wide variety of stones. Natural stones add beauty and value to a property. Once laid on the floor, you need not to change it for years; in fact removing the stones is expensive and very difficult.

Slate:Slate is a natural stone that is available in a textured finish. Slate which is spit into various thicknesses is good for wet areas. These can be chosen as perfect floor tiles. This stone is cheaper as it comes for $10 per m2 .If you choose specific color and supplier the price can go up to $50 per m2.

Granite:Granite is a stone that is available in different colors, subtle veining and mineral specks. Due to this variety granite can be used in most houses. Though there are different finishes, the colors and patterns are fully revealed only after the polish. You can choose from purple shades, blue, olive green and grey including rusty red markings. Uniform black granite tiles typically ranges from $30 per m2. Granite tiles having colorful and interesting finish cost $50-$70 per m2. There are limitless variations of texture and color. If you want to find something rare you may have to spend extra $150 per m2.

Marble:Marble starts its life as limestone. Certain conditions make the components crystallize only to form veins which are typical of marble. In the purest form the colour ranges from grey, black and green. The price of marble is similar to that of granite. The variations are also equal to that of granite stone tiles. The most basic tile will cost $50 per m2. For decorative colorful tiles one may need to pay $150 or $200 per m2.